Church Services

Divine Services

Whilst there may be a demonstration of Clairvoyance during a Divine Service, you will find that there is more emphasis placed on philosophy, which will be closely linked to the Seven Principles of Spiritualism. This will be based upon the Mediums own opinions, to which you may or may not agree, however could give you something to think about. The Divine Service also includes a silent moment for absent healing, followed by a reading from any source chosen by the chairperson.

Private Sittings

Private sittings are available by appointment only with our own mediums, If you wish to make a booking please contact us using the details on our contact page.

Relaxation and Meditation

Many people just want to spend some time for themselves and what better way than to come to one of our relaxation and meditation classes.

Workshops, Evenings of Clairvoyance

We regularly host a variety of workshops, and special evenings of clairvoyance.

During the demonstration of clairvoyance, the medium will select random people out of the congregation, one at a time, and pass on information that is being given to them from the spirit world. This will form the evidence to prove in life after death. The types of evidence given could include names, places they have lived, work, hobbies, personality, memories known only to the spirit person and the recipient, and many other forms of information. The more specific the information, the better is the evidence. If you are one of those chosen to receive a message, you should only answer the medium with a simple "yes" or a "no", if you tell them anything, it may be something the spirit person wishes to say, and then the opportunity for giving that evidence is lost. You will often find the chairperson instructing the congregation not to feed the medium, and this is what they are referring to, not saying that mediums should be starved of all feedback!

Every demonstration of mediumship has to be always regarded as an experiment as specific results can not be promised. However we do not ask you to be gullible! Be objective in assessing evidence, but do come to the meeting with an open mind, and with love in your heart. Mediums are susceptible to vibrations and find it harder to work ina hostile atmosphere. If you do not get the evidence at your first visit, give spiritualism a chance, and come again. You will always be welcome.


Development classes are held at the Church ranging from awareness, meditation and mediumship development. Please contact us for further details.


Spiritual healing is carried out by either fully trained and approved healers with an SNU qualification or trainees. If you are interested in receiving healing, please see our Healing link (under Spiritualism) for more information.

Spiritual Healing is the transfer of healing energy from the ministry of angels to the patient. The healing medium is trained in the art of becoming a channel for this energy and develops the ability to channel this energy. The healing energy will go to where it is most needed in the mind, body or spirit of the patient.

Spiritual Healing aims to relieve suffering & lessen any distress, and aid the patient to their own balanced state of calmness and well-being. Spiritual Healing first heals the spirit, then the body and mind.

Spiritual Healing is complementary to any GP's medical treatment and is not an alternative.

Please go to our contact page if you wish to make a booking or an enquiry.

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