Spiritual Healing

There is a tendancy for people to think they can benefit from Spiritual Healing only if they have a faith in God and a belief that the healing power can be transmitted through a Spiritual Healing medium. This is not true. A small child, or even an animal, knowing nothing about religeous beliefs can and do benefit from the healings as much as anyone else. Only the practitioners of faith healing demand that the patient has a particular religeous belief. The only things we require are that the patient should have a respect for themselves and should approach the session with an open mind. Read More »

Philosophy(The Seven Principles of Spiritualism)

Spiritualists are not tied to a creed or dogma.
They accept seven basic principles, which are based on inspiration from discarnate spirits.
These act as guide-lines for the development of a personal philosophy of how to live one's life.
Because of this, liberty of interpretation is given to all, but below is given a simple summary of the understanding built up by Spiritualists of what these Principles mean. Read More »

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