Spiritual Healing

There is a tendancy for people to think they can benefit from Spiritual Healing only if they have a faith in God and a belief that the healing power can be transmitted through a Spiritual Healing medium. This is not true. A small child, or even an animal, knowing nothing about religeous beliefs can and do benefit from the healings as much as anyone else. Only the practitioners of faith healing demand that the patient has a particular religeous belief. The only things we require are that the patient should have a respect for themselves and should approach the session with an open mind.

Healing is not dispensed by a God solely to those considered worth enough to be the recipient of a miracle cure because of their great faith in him. It is not a requirement that the patient should posses the same beliefs as those of the healer. Spiritual Healing is not specifically restricted to any one particular religion or faith.

There is a common belief in all religions that their God, or Divine Source, can heal the sick, Each religion has it's own ritual way of interceding with God on Behalf of a patient. The source of all healing is the Infinate Spirit who people term God. Spiritual Healers are merely channels for this energy. They remain purely passive, allowing spirit guides and doctors to apply the energy as they see fit.

There are two forms of Spiritual Healing in this country - firstly, Contact Healing, where the healer places his hands either on or near the patient; secondly, there is Absent Healing where the patient is not present in person, but the healer's thoughts provide the link which enables the healingenergies to flow to them.

Healers in SNU Spiritualist Churches practice their gift in accordance with the teaching and philosophy of Spiritualism and with the assisance of spirit doctors.

Spiritual Healing is not offered as an alternative to orthodox medicine, but is complimentary to it. Patients who are under medical care should always continue with any treatment their doctor has prescribed.

All healers working in the Church are registered with the Spiritualists' National Union, follow their Code of Conduct and are fully insured. They are not allowed to use massage or manipulation or any other form of treatment. Patients will not be asked to take off any clothing except a coat, shoes or incidental items such as glasses.

Patients may request the healer to produce their Healer's Certification.

Healers in the Church receive no remuneration for their work, nor do they claim expenses. Patients' voluntary donations go into Church Funds.

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